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i remember not really understanding why i had to go to school when i didn't like it. you go to school and you have to do well so that you can graduate. and then you go to college so you can get a good job. then you get a job and you work and work and work until you're old. and... that's it? that's life? this sometimes made me really mad when i was a kid. so i'm going to just have to do all this stuff i don't want to do, every day, until i'm old and can't do all the things i want to do NOW?

most (all?) of this really revolves around money... families preparing children to be able to earn money. i remember being fascinated by communes and ascetics and anything that defied this structure. i would fantasize about being able to just not go to school and enjoy myself, ALL DAY, not doing all these things i hated doing just because i had to. and even as an adult, i dreamed of not having to work to earn money, not killing myself doing all this stuff i hated just so i could pay for rent and bills, not having to expend so much energy every day just to get MONEY that you barely have the energy to enjoy.

it's not that i don't wish for more money. i do. i'd love to not have to worry about having enough money. wouldn't we all?

but i found it really cool that daniel suelo of moab, utah, lives on zero dollars a day, without taking money or assistance from the government. he's just living a life without money. a lot of people might look at him as a crazy homeless guy in utah, but i find it really amazing that he found a way of life that fulfills him, and he doesn't ever have to worry about having enough money.

anyway, check out his website. i'm finding his FAQ's pretty amazing. i believe there is a lot of truth in what he is saying... but i also feel that it's unrealistic for most of us at this point to be able to live according to his message. his point of view fascinates me, and part of me yearns for that kind of freedom.

alex and maya and i are happy living the way we do, with our dependence on money, but i think daniel suelo living on zero dollars a day understands a lot more about life and reality and money and what's important than we could ever hope to. his perspective is completely different than any i've ever known, and i find that just... really cool.
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