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i am totally enjoying adam bourret's graphic novel, posted in installments on his website. start here.

from his site: "I'm Crazy is an auto-biographical graphic novel, dealing with, among other things: histories, secrets, obsessive compulsive disorder, drugs, gay romance, hallucinations and insanity. It's all true provided you're willing to be a little flexible." there are depictions of sex, so it's not safe for work, unless your boss doesn't mind you looking at webcomics that include pictures of sex.

anyway. i think it's pretty awesome and am enjoying it a lot so far, so i wrote to him to tell him so. AND HE WROTE BACK! swoon!
Thanks so much for writing to me! It's such a personal project and there are so many comics on the internet, so it's really good to hear that people are reading it and enjoying it. Yesterday I sent my printer an "OK" to do 1000 copies, and thought "ohgod ohgod I hope someone wants to read these!"

yes, yes we do! keep 'em coming, adam!

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Date: 2009-08-14 07:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] handsoap.wordpress.com
pretty cool graphic novel! how did you find it?

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