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the first and most important thing is that we're going on vacation this week. FREE VACATION. even better, right? we are staying at my sister-in-law's boyfriend's parents' summer house. the house is GORGEOUS and it's right on the beach, and it's less than an hour's drive from here, and i am so thrilled. thursday is our 3rd wedding anniversary, and i am so excited. we might go whale watching and then out to dinner. i haven't made up my mind about going whale watching yet; maybe we'll all do it as a family instead. but yeah, one totally sweet part about going on vacation with someone else? especially someone as wonderful as my sister-in-law? built-in babysitting!

maya's gradual nightweaning process has started off well. she's not fully off the boob yet, but she isn't sleeping attached to the nipple. sometimes i cringe when i realize she is TWENTY MONTHS OLD and still not nightweaned, but i can't beat myself up about this too hard. we've been in crisis mode for a long time, and i just have not been able to commit to doing something different at night. maya has never been a good sleeper, so i knew this process would not be easy, and it has taken me a long time to feel ready to add something difficult into the mix. changing a deeply-ingrained habit takes energy and effort and motivation, and i have not had much of any of these three for a long time now. last night alex got her to sleep by himself. the kid who has nursed to sleep every night for countless nights went to sleep just lying down and hearing stories from daddy. she woke up 3 times overnight, and once he got her down without help, and twice i nursed her and then put her down on her mattress and rubbed her back until she fell asleep. i bet alex could have gotten her down both those times, but he didn't really wake up and so she found me. and even though she still woke up, she was able to go back to sleep without a nipple in her mouth. this week while we're away alex and maya are going to share a room, and i am going to sleep in another room, and we'll see how this all goes. but there's already been a huge improvement this week, so i'm feeling positive about it.

in other news, my back's been a lot better! yesterday, i was feeling so much better that i got out of the house and went to the store, and it was amazing. i had been trapped in bed for like 3 weeks save for doctor visits, so it was awesome to just be out like a normal person who can move around. i'm feeling a lot more hopeful about my back healing up. i'm very irritated that my doctor's office STILL has not called me back with my MRI information. they said last monday they'd have it in 2-3 days. assholes. i can't schedule it without them. now i can't do it this week. the entire point was for me to be able to do it as soon as possible. i'm thinking of complaining to my doctor, but i don't know what she's going to do that will make it any better short of turning back the clock and giving me the number so i could have had the MRI by now. ah well. what can you do. my chiropractor has been amazing, and i'm planning to try out acupuncture for pain relief when we get back. and then if i can ever get this fucking MRI, we'll see what the surgeon says and move from there. this week will definitely be helpful in terms of being right near the beach. it'll be so easy for me to swim and relax and exercise and take care of my back however i need to. oh, it's good to feel like things are moving forward!

so yeah, this week promises to be good in lots of ways. it will be just good for our mental health, my back, and maya's sleep patterns. i'm so excited. last week alex decided we shouldn't go because of my back and on account of him feeling behind at work, but i'm so glad that things have worked out so we can actually go. WAHOOOOO!!!
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