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so after having severe back pain on our 3rd wedding anniversary, i ended up at the emergency room the next day (friday). i am still in the hospital after surgery on monday - my second spinal surgery, the first being in 2001.

so yeah. it sucks, i miss the kid, i didn't expect my first night away from her to be like this at all, and i'm trying to be optimistic but chronic pain is a bitch. it forced nightweaning on her all at once instead of me being able to do it as gradually as i wanted, but she was at least down to about one (MAAAAYYYBE two) sessions a night, so i'm glad it happened now rather than a month ago when she was waking up several times a night. she's had to cut out a lot of nursing sessions all at once, not to mention she's had to spend far less time with me and alex than she's used to, and i hate that it all had to happen like this. i just miss her.

not to mention that for ME, i'm sick of being in pain and i just want to be able to function like a normal person again. hopefully once i heal from surgery that will be the case.

who knows when i'll update again.

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