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okay so i have a lot of posts in mind to write. i just haven't had the time, inclination, and ability all at the same time.

things are going generally... fine. holiday stuff was good, and i'm really glad to be in a new year. at the beginning of 09, if i had known that we'd deal with one interstate move, losing alex's boss's cat, 2 car accidents, a totaled vehicle, an incredible amount of back pain for months, hospitalization, surgery, and the after-effects, i'd have said "i can't handle that. i just can't." and yeah it SUCKED, but we handled it, and all 3 humans are doing pretty well, and we all love each other, and we feel lucky and happy most of the time.

but the difference with this year is that i know we'll handle whatever happens. we're really strong, love each other a lot, and communicate well. so i feel a lot more like i have very little control over it, i'll try my best, and i'll deal with whatever setbacks come our way. although, truth be told, i am hoping for a much less stressful year.

okay, sharing a picture and then i'm out.

when did my littles become such a BIGS??

all right. adios.
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