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i'm totally listening to this on repeat right now.

i don't go to therapy to find out if i'm a freak
i go and i find the one and only answer every week
and it's just me, and all the memories that follow
down any course that fits within a fifty minute hour

and we fathom all the mysteries, explicit and inherent
when i hit a rut, she says to try the other parent
and she's so kind, i think she wants to tell me something
but she knows that it's much better if i get it for myself

and she says ooh, ahh, what do you hear in these sounds
and ooh, ahh, what do you hear in these sounds

i say, i hear a doubt with the voice of true believing
and the promises to stay, and the footsteps that are leaving
and she says, oh
i say, what?
she says, exactly
i say, what, you think i'm angry?
does that mean you think i'm angry?

she says, look, you come here every week with jigsaw pieces of your past
it's all on little sound bytes and voices out of photographs
and that's all yours
that's the guide, that's the map
so tell me, where does the arrow point to
who invented roses

and ooh, ahh, what do you hear in these sounds
and ooh, ahh, what do you hear in these sounds

and when i talk about therapy, i know what people think
that it only makes you selfish and in love with your shrink
but oh, how i loved everybody else
when i finally got to talk so much about myself

and i wake up, and i ask myself what state i'm in
and i say, well i'm lucky, 'cause i am like east berlin
i had this wall, and what i knew of the free world was
that i could see their fireworks and i could hear their radio

and i thought that if we met, i would only start confessing
and they'd know that i was scared, they would know that i was guessing
but the wall came down, and there they stood before me
with their stumbling and their mumbling and their calling out just like me

and ooh, ahh, the stories that nobody hears
and i collect these sounds in my ears
and ooh, ahh, that's what i hear in these sounds
ooh, ahh, that's what i hear in these, that's what i hear in these sounds

thanks dar. <3
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