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holy blog neglect! last time i posted in feb 2010 i didn't yet know that i was pregnant w/#2, and he is 8 months old today.

i have been suffering from health issues in 2010 and 2011. go read my post from the end of august 2009 about how things stopped looking up, and imagine taking a sledgehammer to my spine after that. that's pretty much how i'm doing. but how are YOU, internet?

i do hope to return to the blogosphere someday. i don't think anyone out there in the world even reads this, but ... one day you all will. because, you know, i'm awesome. (i tried to combine the word blog and awesome and did not get anything good. blawesome? blogsome? forget it.) and one day i will actually post enough that you will know it. i am not even going to bother to update you on the things going on around here because i don't know when i'll next post, so i'm done.

well, i can't very well leave this without showing you the newbie around here, as well as a picture of how the older one has grown.

my sweet, silly, friendly, babbly 8 month old little guy.

my big, preschool-attending, imaginative, talkative 3.5 yr old girl.

i hope anyone out there reading is doing miles better than my spinal cord is.
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