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pick a muffin. before i die.

i'm generally pretty open to new friends. comment and let me know; otherwise i may not notice that you added me.

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I just heard your good news on FAM, congrats! I live in MA and work with infants, also. What part of the state do you live in? I added you, btw. :-)

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Hahahaha. A thousand year ago.
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surely! i'm really bad at LJ lately, as a warning - never comment but almost always read =)
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added =)
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totally! added =)

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meh! friend me! or tell me the story again so i can tell igor! you know, i think my computer's set up to log gmail chats, too, but i have no idea how to find them. gr.

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whoops, added you! the story is not in here ,but i think i emailed it to you.

Hey Punk!

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Re: Hey Punk!

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<3 <3

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('tis Di)


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